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Welcome to Paradise Eco-Hub, an eco-lodge on Itambira Island, a popular eco-friendly facility on Lake Bunyonyi, which is commonly known as the ‘Lake of the Little Birds’.

All proceeds from Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation initiatives assist local communities as part of the Itambira Sustainable Project, our partnership with a local non-profit, Let Us Save Uganda (LUSU).

As a family-built and run hotel, we have a close relationship with our local community. We pride ourselves in making our guests feel at home and providing them with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

If you're on your way to see the mountain gorillas and beautiful landscapes in South-Western Uganda or if you're just looking for a relaxation retreat, Paradise Eco-Hub is the perfect spot to stay.

Why Us

Room List

Discover Your Perfect Retreat at Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation Lodge 🌿

Indulge in a blissful escape surrounded by the beauty of nature at Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation Lodge. Whether you're seeking luxurious comfort or budget-friendly accommodations, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. Here are our lodge rates:

1. *Deluxe Geodome:*
- $40 per person per night for Bed and Breakfast
- $50 per person per night for Half Board
- $60 per person per night for Full Board

2. *Deluxe Nest Cave:*
- $30 per person per night for Bed and Breakfast
- $40 per person per night for Half Board
- $50 per person per night for Full Board

3. *Lake View Deluxe Cottage:*
- $30 per person per night for Bed and Breakfast
- $40 per person per night for Half Board
- $45 per person per night for Full Board

4. *King's Nest Cave:*
- $40 per person per night for Bed and Breakfast
- $50 per person per night for Half Board
- $60 per person per night for Full Board

5. *Economy Budget Double Room:*
- $20 per person per night for Bed and Breakfast
- $30 per person per night for Half Board
- $35 per person per night for Full Board

Experience the ultimate blend of comfort, serenity, and sustainability during your stay at Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation Lodge. Book your retreat today and embark on a journey to relaxation and rejuvenation in harmony with nature.r your text here

Our Rooms

Our family built our entire lodge from the ground up with a focus on a ‘one-with-nature’ experience. We built our nest-caves and Joy Restaurant from trees we grew ourselves. We also offer camping options, Contact Us below to enquire about them.

What our Guests Say

Activities at Paradise Eco-Hub

Paradise Eco-Hub Special Tour

Islands Tour And Hiking To The View Points 

Don’t miss this special tour where we explore the islands and then later hike to the mountains of the moon with panoramic views of the islands and the surroundings. Join Silas and explore Lake Bunyonyi!

Cost by boat - $60, $30 pp, $20 pp, + $15 pp

The Batwa/Pygmies tour

Charity Tour

Their way of life, dances, and history of their life living in the forests as hunters and honey and fruit gatherers.

Cost by boat - $60, $35 pp, $25 pp, + $20 pp

Historical Island tour

Islands Tour on boat

Guided tour around Bwama/Leper Island, Ahabuchuranika/Upside-down Island, Kyahuge Island, Akampene/Punishment Island, Bushara Island and Itambira island.

Cost by boat - $40, $20 pp, $15 pp, + $12 pp

Cost by canoe - $20, $15 pp, $10 pp, + $8 pp

Whole Lake Tour Including Hiking To The Lake View Points

Cost by boat - $150, $75 pp, $60 pp, + $50 pp

Community village walk and top of the world for lake views

Cost - $20, $15 pp, $10 pp, + $8 pp

Rutinda Market Walk/Main Landing Site

Cost - $30, $15 pp, $10 pp, + $8 pp

Island Tour and Rutinda market

Only Monday and Friday

Cost - $50, $25 pp, $20 pp, + $15 pp

Muko Lake End Boat Cruise

Cost - $50, $25 pp, $20 pp, + $15 pp

Training in craft making

Cost - $40, $25 pp, $20 pp, + $15 pp

Bukora Blacksmith Tour Walking

Enjoy hiking, natural walk, community walk and amazing lake view as we trek to the black smith. The experience of seeing tools being made from shapeless metals and scrap put into beautiful tools. They make pangas, arrows, needles, harmers, and much more.

Cost - $30 pp

Round the Lake bird watching to Nyombe swamp and popular islands

Are you a birder? Lake Bunyonyi is undeniably a haven for birders. Paradise Eco-Hub offer travelers with  birding on the shores of lake Bunyonyi and in swampy and forested areas around the lake. Just as its name says, lake Bunyonyi is locally translated as a place for little birds hence one of the birding spots in the pearl of Africa.

Canoeing/boat cruising is one best way of enjoying Uganda birding tour on lake Bunyonyi. Travelers boat ride to the shores of the lake that give them closer views of different birds some of which are endemic to this area. The lake is believed to shelter over 200 bird species. Among the birds to expect in lake Bunyonyi include grey crowned cranes, levillant cuckoo, white tailed monad, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, African harrier hawk, egrets, cardinal woodpecker, African kingfisher, herons, sunbirds, raptors, golden-backed weavers, bee eaters, pin tailed whydah, great cormorant, bronzy sunbird, hadada ibis, grey shrike, malachite kingfisher, fan-tailed widowbird,  and black herons among other birds.

Cost - $100, $50 pp, $40 pp, + $30 pp

Bird watching around the site and swamp

Cost - $20, $15 pp, $10 pp, + $10 pp

Fishing Tours

Cost - $40, $20 pp, $20 pp, + $15 pp

Canoeing(Self or guided)

Enjoy the dugout canoeing at your own pace and explore the beauty of Lake Bunyonyi and the beautiful islands.

Cost - self $10 pp, guided $15 pp

Zip lining and High Ropes Challenge courses

Cost - $30 pp


Free But At Owners Risk

Do not miss swimming in Lake bunyonyi during your stay at Paradise Eco-Hub. Swimming is one way of freshening from anxiety after long hours in gorilla trekking and driving from far way places. Interestingly, Lake bunyonyi is free from  dangerous water animals like crocodiles, hippos and also bilharzia free hence the  safest place for swimming. Though it’s the deepest lake in Uganda and second largest in Africa, Lake bunyonyi is easy to swim in. some areas have been enclosed for swimming

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